First Time Home Buyers

This was my first home buying experience and being new to Texas I wasn’t really aware of what I was getting into.  I came across Rochelle using Zillow and immediately felt comfortable with her.  She knew what areas would fit my needs and which to avoid because of higher property taxes.  She took the time to find places that she felt I might be interested in and got us in to look at homes sometimes in a couple hours.  Any paperwork she had to do was easily done right away and it honestly felt like we were her only client with how fast she responded.  She helped deal with a lot of the lender communication so that I could focus on work and not all the hassles.  She always explained the different options I had at the different stages and made it quite clear that no matter how far we were in the process if at anytime I wanted to change my mind there were 31 different ways to get me out of the contract.  During initial negotiations that went smooth and then after the inspection when it seemed that were might have not been able to finalize the deal she took me to other houses and supported me with sticking to my guns.  Luckily the seller eventually and I were able to come to a mutual agreement.  After that we had lender credits that created some issues and again immediately she made two different amendments and had the documents ready for the seller and I to keep the process moving quickly.  I honestly feel that with a less responsive agent my lender would have missed the closing date and that was all avoided.  
The other thing I liked that I felt she did very well was the resources of people she had were invaluable.  She never just sent me one resource and she always made it clear that I could use anyone I wanted for the things I was dealing with.  She met and got multiple estimates on the things I wanted repaired so we can adjust the offer during the option period.  It made me feel comfortable that I knew what I was getting into with buying the house.  I know that when or if I have to go through this again there is no doubt I wouldn’t want anyone else but her on my side.